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Although life sometimes feels like it's on fast forward, I'm never short of time when it comes to your photography. 

It's so crucial that we get to know each other a little before we take any photos - we arrange to meet up before your shoot (in person or via Skype).

On the day of your shoot, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help you relax, but the real secret is time.

I find the most natural moments come when you're doing something - it might be walking, chatting or having a coffee. That's when the magic happens - the spontaneous outburst of laughter, the tender kiss on the forehead or the warm embrace. 

I'll be ducking and diving, seeking the best light, catching the loveliest moments but, pretty soon, you'll have forgotten all about me.

After we've said our initial farewells, I'll be working away to select the very best photos before editing each and every one to my unique style. Every second of this process is a joy, as I get the chance to relive those moments again and draw out the beautiful bits.

If you like the sound of this and have any questions, drop me a line using the form below. 

Sophia xx


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