Celebrating the spring with natural family photo sessions in Tunbridge Wells, Kent - or, why I never put away the camera until you're literally leaving

o you remember being told 'Patience is a virtue' when you were little? It was usually at that time when you were so excited about something that you felt you could burst: opening your birthday presents, that delicious dessert just about to reach the table or hurridly pulling off your shoes without even undoing the laces to experience anti-gravity on the trampoline.

I make it my mission to capture this momentum in action, because we'll too soon forget. Those tiny candid expressions which make up the unique personalities of these little folks. 

It was an experiment, and I was a little nervous. It was my turn to use my patience to find ways to help everyone relax, feel at home, and to begin to show their true selves. It was such a huge privilege to spend time with each and every one of you.

Here are just a few of my favourite moments.

It was so great to spend time with this amazing bunch, and I have loved every minute of working on their images. 

And, to finish, a confession - I absolutely love a 'putting on the coat' shot (yes, a niche to corner I guess...). There's just something so caring and sweet about a parent putting on their child's coat. A lesson to never stop shooting till people are literally walking out the door. 

Putting the coat on - one of my favourites