Hello and welcome

Eeek, I'm more than a little bit excited to be sharing my first blog post with you. Thank you for visiting and taking a look around.


I'll be posting here each month with seasonal updates, photography tips and sharing content I hope you enjoy. Please comment below or email me if you have ideas for content or any questions you'd like answered. 

My first post is a chance to introduce myself and give you an insight into how I work. Conveniently, as with so many things in life, there are three ingredients which, for me, are essential to the perfect photoshoot:

1) Beauty of the everyday

I mostly shoot at a fast shutter speed so that I can freeze motion. Why? Because I don't want to miss a moment. I'm fascinated by people, their stories, their unique mannerisms and their connections with others, and I make it my mission to create a collection of photos which express something beautiful.

That doesn't mean contrived or posed or artificial. It doesn't mean you have to worry if your house isn't immaculate and we're photographing your newborn at home, or you're showing off your new engagement ring and your nails aren't done. 

It means I want to capture the atmosphere and moments which are personal to you and which otherwise would pass by without note. 

2) Keeping it personal

When we arrange a photoshoot we'll have a think about how we can incorporate elements which fit your personality and story. It might be the location, the items you select to include, or simply the amazing bond between you when you're together. But it means that when you see your photos they feel familiar somehow - they could only be about you and no one else.

I encourage my clients to get creative. I've photographed an octogenarian insistent that his body board appear in his photos, and a toddler excitedly munching on a pain au chocolate during our photo session - nothing phases me. 

If we're doing a shoot at a indoor location that's not your home, I may ask you to think about bringing some personal items you wish to include.

3) Keeping you happy

And this leads me to my final and most important point. It's absolutely crucial to me that everyone has fun during their photo session. 

It's totally normal to feel a little nervous and self-conscious in front of the camera initially. Especially for children it can be a little daunting and things don't always go as planned. If we need to stop for a snack during the shoot, it takes a while for everyone to get into the flow or it was one of those mornings when no one wanted to wear coordinating clothes, don't worry!

I have a few tricks up my sleeve to keep things on track, and don't forget the thing I said earlier about how everyday moments are beautiful :-)

I want you to look back on your photos and remember and happy experience and this is how we bring out the best moments.