If in doubt, cut it out – Why I want you to photograph less (and it’s not the reason you think)

When you start learning about photography, you study your composition – how to arrange the photo so that it conveys your message. You might want to take a minimalist and calming approach, with horizontal lines and lots of space, or, for something more hectic and busy, diagonal lines and a crowded frame might work better.

The next time you click, ask yourself: ‘What is it that made me stop and think: I want to keep this?’

But, there’s something else which really rang true to me from way back when I started learning and that I’ve remembered ever since; John Garrett and Graeme Harris say: ‘By getting closer you will improve your photography immediately.’

When we’re taking a photo, it can be tempting to try and cram everything in. We might try to capture what our eyes are seeing, rather than thinking about why we want to take the photo.

The next time you click, ask yourself: ‘What is it that made me stop and think: I want to keep this?’

This is why some of my photos zoom into the details, which I think are beautiful. It might be a gesture, a certain expression or a tiny detail which really catches my eye.

For example, in this photo I was touched by the way that Mum held her hand supportively on her little daughter's neck as she was busy doing her colouring in.

 Supportive hand

Supportive hand

When you pause for a moment and cut almost everything out of the frame, your image can become a lot more powerful and you’ll remember why you took it.

Do you have any photographs which evoke a specific memory or feeling? Tell me about them in the comments below.

If you like what you see...

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